Why Black Ribbon

Before Black Ribbon began offering specialty music printing, you were forced to choose between two inadequate options:

OPTION 1) Traditional printing company:

The way music printing used to be
You’re after professional results, so you decide to talk to a traditional printing company. But music printing isn’t their core business, which means you’re not exactly their top priority and you tend to get lost in the shuffle. At best they require a few days, or even up to a week to complete your job, so advance planning is essential. And you can forget about next-day turnaround. Because of the setup charges and minimum quantities, it’s not cost effective until you print maybe 1,000 or 2,500 units. If you still move forward, you’re forced to pay for a bunch of additional copies that unnecessarily tie up your cash-flow, or even worse, end up collecting dust in the basement.

OPTION 2) Neighborhood copy store:

Your neighborhood Kinkos isn't the best place to print music
You’ve got knots in your stomach because you need parts and scores on the stand tomorrow morning. After a grueling day of work, it’s now 10pm and you arrive at the copy center hoping to get some help. You have trouble getting the attention of an employee who would rather text in the break room than help you. He’s unaware of the nuances of music printing so you have to hover over him to make sure he doesn’t mess up your job. They don’t have the exact paper stock you wanted, which means you’re forced to settle for something inferior. Then you find out that the only person who knows how to use the binding machine already left for the night. If you’re lucky, you cobble something together that isn’t an embarrassment to your reputation and leave wishing there was a better option.

Finally, an option that makes sense

Now you’re no longer forced to choose between speed, quality or convenience—with Black Ribbon, you can have them all! We know exactly what it takes to create professionally printed music and we’re here to help you look your best.